Bakery Department

Donuts & Pastries

Are you ready to party? We will customize your cake order to your preference and have it ready for pick up when you need it. We bake traditional cakes ( moist cake with with sweet cream), pies, tarts, and gelatins. We bake for all occasions: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. See our Bakery clerks for assistance in planning the perfect dessert to complement any party or event.

Fresh Bread & Rolls

For those who desire traditionally baked products, you will enjoy visiting our bakery department. When you close your eyes and inhale, you will literally taste these freshly baked products. You will crave each and every bakery creation from the freshly made bread rolls, muffins, cakes, desserts, sweet breads and cookies. Our bakers prepare and bake throughout the day in order to provide the freshest quality breads and desserts for your enjoyment.